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Welcome to the City of Arlington - Athletic Programs

We look forward to being your sports provider.  Arlington Sports – Where players win and winners play!

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North Texas Ford

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Grease Monkey Burger Shop and Social Club

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Athletics Division Sports Team

Staff Member Title Office Number Fax Number Email
Wendy Parker Athletics Director (817) 459-5482 (817) 860-9597
Vacant Adult Sports Manager (817) 459-5463 (817) 860-9597
Ernie Smith Facility Manager (817) 459-6442 (817) 459-6448
Kyle Young Sports Coordinator (817) 459-6436 (817) 459-6448
Jimmy Reilly Youth Sports Manager (817) 459-6435 (817) 860-9597
Chris Schwartz Sports Coordinator (817) 459-6443 (817) 459-6448
Christine Glenn Customer Service Assistant (817) 459-6434 (817) 459-6448